Selection Process

The selection process is published through a public call on the PPGMuseu website , respecting the timeframes of the academic calendar of UFBA, and the legal provisions described in the Program By-law  and in UFBA’s By-Laws of Undergraduate and Graduate Teaching.
The admission of both national, and foreign students is contemplated. Twenty (20) openingsare offered for admission per year, and distributed between the two lines of research. Specific criteria to meet the Affirmative Action Policies (considering the Normative Rule of the Ministry of Education, n. 13, from May 11, 2016) are observed for the occupation of those openings, as well as related to foreign applicants.
Applicants who choose to abide by the Affirmative Action Policies are designated may make their option. For admission to the Master's degree, there are reserved openings for self-declared: People with Disabilities (PWD); People of Color; Indigenous People; Trans People (transsexual, transgender and cross-dressers), according to the Resolution N. 01/2017,which establishes procedures forpublic calls and reserves of openings for UFBA’sstrictosensuGraduate Programs’ selection processes.
Foreign students, who meet the requirements of agreements signed by UFBA and/or exchange programs between Brazil and the applicants' countries of origin, can be admitted to the PPGMUSEU after analysis and evaluation of the PPGMUSEU Collegiate, and according to the legislation in force.
Foreign candidates interested in applying must contact PPGMUSEU by e-mail:, sending a résumé and a research project (in Portuguese) in PDF format, naming the line of research for which they intend to apply, a copy of the passport and other documents required in the application rules for all candidates  (except for specific Brazilian legislation).